Lore Edit

Basic Lore: Edit

A dracolich is the most feared of the dragons. Train it to raise and lead an undead army and begin the zombie apocalypse.

 Lore books: Edit

In Adult form, once you buy an upgrade to Fluffy the Dracolich, additional lore about Fluffy is given. These are below

Fluffy the Dracolich Level Required Lore Unlocked
?? You got a volume of Fluffy's unlife story!

Requirements and Hatching Edit

You need 30 Dragon Keys to unlock Fluffy from the egg menu.

You need 20,000,000 click points to hatch the Undead Dragon. There are purchasable ways to increase your click points like in the dragon forms, but they do not carry over once the egg is hatched. These are included below as Hatch Powers. *Notice* Since these powers do NOT carry over; once the egg is hatched, you may no longer put points into the powers, thus the achievements associated with them will be NO LONGER OBTAINABLE as of now after you hatch Fluffy. These achievements include purchasing each of the powers once and the Egg Click Power each level to max (9).

Hatch Powers: Edit

  • Egg Click Power
  • Ancient Spell Book
  • Bone Chips
  • Bone Fragments
  • Finger Bones
  • Dragon Bones
  • Wing Bones
  • Ribs
  • Vertebrae
  • Dragon Skull
  • Dragon Heart
  • Summoning Circles
  • Dark Wizards
  • Dark Magic
  • Darker Magic
  • REALLY Dark Magic
  • Aligned Stars
  • Summon Dracolich!

Baby Form Edit

The baby form of the Undead Dragon can evolve to the adult form once you buy the Summon Dracolich! power with 100,000,000 Undead Gems. In baby form, you can only buy the following powers and the Skull Click Power is limited to 6.

Undead Dragon Baby Powers: Edit

  • Skull Click Power
  • Offline Gems
  • Auto Skull Gem
  • Necromancy
  • Book of the Dead
  • Evil Artifacts
  • Undead Lair
  • Famous Parts
  • Pet Cemetary
  • Spread Fear
  • Spirit Crime
  • Undead Powers
  • Evolve Dracolich!